CTA has numerous areas for you to get plugged
into and begin fighting human trafficking now!


Become a prayer partner.

Partner with us in praying and fasting for the 26 million slaves worldwide.  Pray for: our teams as we go into the strip clubs once a month to minister to the dancers and club managers; God to move and open doors in North Carolina’s legislation; Compassion Cottage and the girls staying there; victims of human trafficking and exploitation; an end to modern day slavery; men who are bound in sexual addictions and people who value a “cheap” item over the life of a child slave; God to awaken the hearts of the 2 billion Christians worldwide who could end slavery today by taking a stand.  Join CTA in fasting on the 11th day of every month to focus and pray about human trafficking issues at home and abroad.

Become a Mentor.

CTA is looking for Christian women who are willing to mentor the residents of Compassion Cottage as well as the individuals we work with in strip clubs.  Our girls need women who will walk with them through their journey of healing and restoration.  This is an ongoing commitment where you will receive training in order to provide a listening ear, gentle guidance and compassion to one of our girls for up to a year.

Join a team and take a prayer walk.

Prayer is foundational to all that we do at CTA.  God has called us to take our city back for Him and the only way we can do that is through consistent prayer, and a lot of it!  We would love to have you form a team of prayer warriors who will walk our city on a consistent basis and prepare the way as our teams go into strip clubs, massage parlors and the streets to rescue girls.  All things are possible through prayer!

Help with community events.

CTA sponsors community events throughout the year to bring awareness to the issues of human trafficking.  If you have experience in event planning or just enjoy serving, sign up for our newsletter and find out how you can get involved in helping to organize, plan, sponsor, serve and/or attend one of our events.

Start a blog or write for the monthly newsletter.

God has given us all a sweet spot where we thrive in serving Him, and CTA would love to help you find yours.  Do you enjoy writing?  Researching? Media design and layout?  Begin a blog or help us with our monthly newsletter and play a key role in raising awareness about human trafficking!

Educate Yourself.

We encourage you to learn all that you can about human trafficking in our city, North Carolina, our nation and the world.  Knowledge is power and we at CTA believe that once you are armed, God will show you what part you are to play in the fight against human trafficking.  The internet is a good source of information about human trafficking worldwide.

Compassion Cottage.

Help us “Cultivate Dreams” The Compassion Cottage is an after-care residential program for women 18+ who are victims of human trafficking and exploitation.  If you have a desire to cook a meal, teach a life-skill,  plant a garden, teach a Bible study, or simply bless the residents we would love to have you join us (individuals(volunteers?) directly involved with Compassion Cottage will undergo an extensive background check and application prior to admission)(serving?).

Sponsor a girl

CTA is a non-profit ministry dependent upon donations, sponsors and grants.  We do not take funding from the government in order to ensure our Christian foundation and beliefs remain central.  Upon entering our program at Compassion Cottage, the residents spend up to six months focusing exclusively on healing and restoration prior to being able to apply for outside work.  One tremendous way to make an impact is by financially sponsoring a woman in our program. It currently costs 2,500/month for each survivor in the Cottage. Your sponsorship will enable a survivor of human trafficking the time to heal and begin the restoration process. Through sponsoring a Compassion Cottage resident, you have the opportunity to plant a seed and see a life restored to being all God intended it to be.


Unfortunately, life costs money and so does ministry!  Through generous donors like you, we are able to reach 1,000 girls a year with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We guarantee that every dollar donated will go directly to awareness, liberation and restoration of victims of human trafficking and exploitation so that we can put an end to slavery in Charlotte, North Carolina, our nation and the world.


Teams are made up of one security person and those who go directly into the clubs (women only).  Team  members go into Charlotte area strip clubs each month to bring in gifts to managers and the dancers and share a gentle word, a warm hug, prayer and unconditional love.  Participating on an outreach team requires training and a background check.

Men Of Compassion

Men of Compassion – building men of integrity, honor and strength
Men of Compassion is a coalition of men who stand united in changing the perception of pornography and holding men accountable for their actions toward women and children. Men of Compassion have made a “declaration of decency” to protect women through integrity and purity. They want to end the demand for pornography and sex trafficking by first bringing hope to marriages through transparency and open lines of communication.

CONTACT US to learn more and get involved today!