Liberate, Restore, Sustain the Change!

Compassion to Act is a faith-based ministry on the front lines of confronting modern-day slavery. We’re boots on the ground going where no one else goes to liberate women. Our hands on approach means we’re in the clubs, on the streets, building safe relationships for women to find a way to freedom. Our team commands rescue operations, short-term emergency safe-houses, and outreaches on location where women are being exploited.

Compassion to Act goes beyond rescue to make dreams come true. The women we restore are often broken in heart and spirit, but have a will to survive.  Our goal is to help them discover who they are, and who they can be. We start with connecting women to drug and addiction rehabilitation, counseling services, trauma therapy, legal counsel, and a community of trust and healthy relationships all at no cost.

Compassion to Act is a long-term community so these amazing overcomers never have to pursue their newfound freedom alone. We provide ongoing mentoring, job training, education, and a support network of relationships and services for sustained change. Our ultimate goal is for the liberated to become liberators.