Compassion to Act teams go into local strip clubs to reach the women in the places where they work. Each time we go, we share a meal, a smile, build friendships, and become a safe place of trust and unconditional love. We provide tangible help to this at-risk population in the sex industry. These women know us by name, and are a strategic link to connect to trafficked individuals in need of rescue.

Through our ongoing relationships we have gotten to know these women and their children. We have quarterly family events off-site that include activities like roller-skating, Christmas parties, Easter egg hunts, and other family-fun activities.

Join the Team:

Teams are made up of one security person and female team members who go directly into the clubs. Team  members go into Charlotte area strip clubs each month to connect with the women there. Participating on an outreach team requires an interview, training, and a background check.


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