Get Involved



8 is the number of new beginnings. $8 is not much – coffee for you and a friend, or a quick lunch, but multiplied by thousands of people adds up to millions to give women a new beginning. Become a partner with us today. It’s easy! Give8 and host a Give8 Campaign event for your friends and associates.

Admin Team

Are you organized? Good a making phone calls? Have special skills such as writing, editing, grant-writing, graphics, video editing, web design, or communications? We’d love to have you join our volunteer team. Make a difference and sign up today.

Prayer Network

Do you have a heart to pray? Do you lead a prayer group? Do you want to be part of our monthly prayer calls? Join our prayer network and sign up today to be part of our monthly conference call, receive crisis prayer requests, and ongoing communications covering our rescues and interventions.

Mentor the Change

Become a change agent in the lives of women rebuilding their future. If you have a heart of compassion, a listening ear, and ability to guide others to make good decisions for their future, we want you! All mentors will receive training in Compassion to Act enrichment curriculum and be an integral part of our care team. This is an excellent opportunity to grow as you help others grow. Join now.

Event Volunteer

Are you a people person? Have you ever met a stranger? Do you have volunteer hours to give? If you have experience in event planning or just enjoy serving, join our Compassion to Act events team to get involved in helping to organize, plan, sponsor, serve and/or attend one of our events.


Teams are made up of one security person and those who go directly into the clubs (women only). Team members go into Charlotte area strip clubs each month to bring in gifts to managers and the dancers and share a gentle word, a warm hug, prayer and unconditional love. Participating on an outreach team requires training and a background check.

Men Of Compassion

Men of Compassion – building men of integrity, honor and strength

Men of Compassion is a coalition of men who stand united in changing the perception of pornography and holding men accountable for their actions toward women and children. Men of Compassion have made a “declaration of decency” to protect women through integrity and purity. They want to end the demand for pornography and sex trafficking by first bringing hope to marriages through transparency and open lines of communication. If you want to be a part of this movement, SIGN UP to volunteer today.